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Trafford Centre Sightings

Originally posted 2014

Today I went for a Bank Holiday/ Wedding Anniversary (which um, we both forget about)/late Birthday outing to The Trafford Centre in Manchester, as we were leaving I saw a lady with a little boy in a Lenny Lamb rainbow mei tai on her back and I was properly excited!

The thing that inspired my to blog though was a lady in a Mothercare carrier. No criticism is implied or intended with this, she was keepng her baby close so many points for that, and he was nice and high and tight plus facing in, many more points awarded. The thing I found interesting was that as I passed she put her hands underneathhis knees to tuck them up into a seated postion but as she took her hands away obviosuly they fell back down again.

I talk a lot about how a good seat and knee pit to knee pit really makes a difference for the comfort of the wearer (as that is the bit I can personally quantify), it seemed to me like she might have been subconciously trying to bring her little into a more seated position to make the carrier comfier.

Consequently if you're out there and not finding your carrier comfy ask a local consultant or chuck me and email, there's things you can do without even buying a new carrier too!

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