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Can I carry a toddler?

As my baby getting bigger will it get uncomforatble to carry them?

Nope! Well, no but with caveats!

As your baby gets older your muscles will gradually get used to the slowly increasing weight, so if you're unused to carrying and suddenly pop your 3 year old on your back it's probably going to be a bit ouchy after a while!

Equally as they get older spreading their weight across your body becomes more important. Have a look at the photo I've added of Jess, you can see Official Nappy Model on her back has his knees tucked up and the fabric goes right into the back of his knees. (As this carrier has spreadable straps Jess can also add extra there too!) This spreads the weight out wonderfully so it's more comfortable to carry. You can also see that the ONM's shoulders are not too far below Jess' shoulders. If you're finding carrying a bigger one tricky then popping them higher so shoulder are in line with shoulders can help with the weight.

So using our tips and tricks to ensure that the little (or rather big) one's weight is distributed across your body, and wearing a carrier that is appropriate for the size of child (or making adjustments to the carrier you've got!) means you can carry on carrying as long as you and tired legs need to!

Remember that we give free advice so we can help you tweak the carrying as your child grows, and we also hire out toddler and preschool carriers should you want to try one out! (And we help you find the right one for you, your child and your budget!)


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