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Privacy Policy




Supportive Sloths North West (SSNW) provide Warrington and surrounding areas with services and resources to enable safe babywearing, either in arms or using slings and carriers. We offer free advice, along with charged consultations, workshops, and hires of the stock we have. Our weekly Library Sessions are run by volunteers and one paid member of staff, many of whom are trained to either Peer Supporter or Consultant level, through different UK Babywearing Schools. This policy will set out what personal and sensitive data we will collect from you, how we will use it and how we will protect it.


Information We May Collect From You and Why 

The data we collect from you will depend on how you wish use our services. We will almost always collect your name, and if you decide to hire any items then we will ask for your contact details (address, telephone number and email address) to allow us to get in contact regarding the hire. We may contact you if you have requested information, to gain more knowledge prior to a consult, to get updates on how you are managing your hire, to send return reminders, invoices, and hire confirmations (normally via MyTurn). We may also get in contact through email to let you know of any updates or events that we (SSNW) have organised. The contract that you agree to (our Terms & Conditions) means that we hold this data to fulfill a contractual lawful basis, and that you will become a user of SSNW. We may ask personal information regarding your physical or mental health, or your child’s health within conversations. We collect this information to ensure we can offer the best advice with regard to how you carry your baby, and which the most suitable carrier may be. The information we request will only be for legitimate business reasons.

How we collect and store your information We gather your information from several sources:

  • From face to face contact

  • Sign in sheets at sling meets – Attendance figures are logged before the sheet is shredded (No individual, personal, or identifying details are kept)

  • Via Facebook private messages – access via password protected devices. Only SSNW trained staff/volunteers will be admin on this platform

  • If you comment on Facebook posts – your name will be public to those who look at our page

  • Incoming emails through Gmail – access through a password protected device

  • Pre-consult questionnaires – via Gmail, stored as previously

  • PayPal/Bank Transfers/Stripe – accessed on password protected devices, and with a password each time they are accessed. PayPal/Bank Transfer details/Stripe are accessed only by the relevant staff of SSNW. These sites will be GDPR compliant and have their own Privacy Shield

  • MyTurn – password protected devices and logged in on each use. Only SSNW trained volunteers will be admin on this platform. MyTurn is GDPR compliant and have their own Privacy Shield


When We Share Your Information 

We do not share your information to any third parties unless you specifically ask us to. The only exception to this is if we felt we had to speak to Social Work or a Health Visitor regarding a suspected safeguarding or child protection issue of any kind, as per our Child Protection Policy.


Your Data Subject Rights


You have the right to request what data we store about you, at any time. We will give you those details within 14 days, with no cost to yourself. These details will only be what you have told us anyway. We require you to opt-in to receive our email updates. You can request for us to delete your email address from our mailing list at any time. This request will be completed within 7days. For insurance purposes we are required to keep your details for 6 years, but it will always be kept safely, as above.

Changes and Updates to the Privacy Policy

Any changes we may make to this Privacy Policy in the future will be posted on our Facebook page, website ( and, where appropriate, notified to you by e-mail. Please check back frequently to see any updates or changes to this Privacy Policy.


Questions, Concerns or Complaints

If you have any queries, please contact us:
Supportive Sloths North West

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