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Washing Instructions - Cloth Nappies


For more comprehensive details refer to:

We recommend washing the nappies from the library before using them and please return them clean. (We wash them in between hires too) If you find any stains or anything not quite right please let us know straight away.

Wash when you have enough to approximately half fill your washing machine drum.

Make sure all the washing tabs are done up, and shake out any inserts.

Put on a cold rinse (or cold short wash) cycle first with no detergent.

Then wash on an intensive cycle at 40 degrees (60 if you baby is under 3 months or has been poorly) with enough non bio washing powder to give a good amount of bubbles (This may be a half to a full dose of your usual powder.)

Rinse thoroughly, there should be no bubbles in the machine during the final rinse (If there are keep rinsing!)

Do not use any fabric softener or any products other than non-bio detergent without speaking to the library first.

Line dry or dry over an airer. Please DO NOT tumble dry, and do not place on a radiator to dry.

If you have any questions, concerns, or problems contact

Cloth Nappies
Cloth Nappies
Cloth Nappies
Cloth Nappies
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