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Are carried babies more clingy?

Is it true that carried babies are more 'clingy'?

That would be a big nope!

All children are different, my daughter was very attached to me, but the older she's got the more we've learned about what's going on with her (and the more we've discovered how keeping her close actually helped her!).

However if you visit the Saturday library in Warrington you might see Unofficial Toddler Librarian suddenly wandering into the main building (Usually followed by an adult unless her mum is happy for her have a wander now she's older!) to see what's around!

Like most of the library toddlers Unofficial Toddler Librarian has been carried a lot since she was tiny, Adele's youngest was carried exclusively (no prams, she needed hands for the bigger one) and he was definitely a very independent young man!(and still is!)!

Carriers can help your child create a secure attachment with their primary caregiver, as they get older they realise how helpless they are without you. You may find that newborns know this inately. This means, if they're not with that primary caregiver then they can be unsettled. This will slowly pass as they realise that they're ok without you, and can get back to you as they need to.

The best advice I can offer for this is don't panic, keep them close, and wait for it to pass (because it will). Also if anyone refuses to give you your baby back when you ask you are allowed to use very rude words.

So in short, carry all the babies, they'll be fine and so will you!


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