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Babywearing and falling over

Today's post starts off with story time from Rachael.

Back when my teenager was teeny tiny my neighbour saw me using a sling and informed me that he beleived they were dangerous because "what if you fall over?". Being in a new mum haze I didn't have a come back ready for him so keep this post handy in case you need to refute another unhelpful person!

You're no more likely to fall over when using a carrier than you are in real life, in fact less so as you're more aware of the precious cargo! And in a simialr vein because of that precious cargo if you do fall (and over 13 years of teaching I have collected a handful of stories that prove this to be true) your instinct will kick in, you'll twist to protect your baby and use your free hands to break your fall!

If you have a medical condition that makes you more likely to fall, faint or trip that doesn't necessarily mean that babywearing is off the cards, have a chat to us and we'll figure out what is the best route for you!

So, there you go, if you have a 'helpful' neighbour like me, or you have had similar worries yourself you now know what's what! (And if you have any babywearing worries just ask us! It's what we're here for!)


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