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This page contains all the information you need to hire, return, rehire or anything else to do with our slings

How to Hire

How to Return

Rehire or Overdue

How To Hire - Slings


Hiring is split into 4 sections, Choose, Pay, Aquire and Learn.

For any combination please first register on our database: 

Option 1. Ask the library for help choosing via email or facebook/instagram messenger (free advice).

Option 2. Come to a library session, booking preferred but not essential. Bookable private slots are available at the beginning of the session (charge applies)

Option 3. Book a consultation and try on a selection with a consultant guiding you. (£25/£35 per hour) (Limited Availability)


Send payment for your hire via:

PayPal -

or Bank Transfer - Name: Supportive Sloths NW

      Bank: Tide

      Sort code: 04-06-05

      Account: 15716020

General Hire is £6 per week or £50 for three months
Accessories are £3 per week
Stretchy Wraps are free for four weeks for babies aged 6 weeks and under, otherwise they are £6 per week or £35 for three months.


Option 1. Collect from the drop box in Newton-le-Willows.

Instructions on how to access the dropbox are here.

Option 2. Collect from the drop box in Garswood (Stretchy wraps only)

Instructions on how to access the dropbox are here. 

Option 3. Take home with you from a library session or consultation

Option 4. It can be posted to you (From £5.50. Not available for high value items.)

Option 5. We can deliver it to you on a weekend. (Price dependent on the distance from WA12, please contact to find out the prices. Hire term must be a minimum of 4 weeks.)


All carriers come with instructions in the hire confirmation email (click on the product name to find them).
You can also receive face to face tuition via a sling library session or consultation.

How To Return - Slings

To return your carrier we are accepting returns via five methods: The drop box in Newton-le-Willows, the drop box in Garswood, at one of our face to face sessions, by booking a collection or posting it back to us. Any fees owed must be paid before returning, if you’re unsure on what is owed please contact us. We reply to emails during school hours Mon-Thurs.

 Newton le Willows Drop Box:


1. Contact us for the Newton le Willows address.


2. Go to the address and look for the bright blue box with a sloth on it

3. Open the lid and pop the return in! (Please also include a note with your return confirming your name, we have a number of identical items and without a note we may not be able to identify who has returned!)

4. Make sure to contact us as soon as you can so we can empty the box ready for the next person! 

Garswood Drop Box:


1. Contact us for the Garswood address and lock code.

2. Go to the address and find the white box.

3. Use the code to unlock the box and place your return inside. (Please also include a note with your return confirming your name, we have a number of identical items and without a note we may not be able to identify who has returned!) 

4. Relock the box by moving the code wheel.

5. Make sure to contact us as soon as you can so we can empty the box ready for the next person! 

At a Face to Face Session:
1. Check the calendar for any upcoming sessions.

2. Pay any fees owed before returning, please contact us if you’re unsure on this.

3. Find one of the library staff at the venue and hand the return over.

Book a Collection:

Contact us to enquire

The cost depends on where you live. 

Collections are usually done on a weekend.


Contact us to get the address and then send recorded (signed for) delivery. Ensure your name and address are on the parcel as the sender to help us identify who has returned.

Rehire or Overdue - Slings


Please be aware that all hires are subject to late fees. The terms and conditions are here. Hires cannot be processed through the system without the terms being agreed to so all hirers have agreed to these terms.

Upcoming library session dates can be found on facebook here (click subscribe to be automatically notified of new ones) or on the website calendar.

If you wish to rehire your item before it is due back, please follow these instructions.

Either bring your item back to a library session if that is convenient to you, or send us additional fees for your rehire and contact us to let us know. 

To extend your sling hire the amount is £6 per week or for long term (3 month hire) is £35 for stretchy wraps and £50 for everything else payable via Paypal or BACS. Use your return date as the start date to calculate the weeks/fees required.


Paypal is or use the link (please check the spelling or c&p if using one of those)

Bank Transfer - Name: Supportive Sloths NW

 Bank: Tide

 Sort code: 04-06-05

 Account: 15716020

Please contact us if payment is going to come from a name other than the one you’ve hired under (such as a maiden name).

Items must be paid for during all the time that you have them. If you do not return or renew your hire before the agreed end date your hire will become overdue. You will then be subject to the following charges: £6 per week for the duration of the time you’ve had the carrier past the due date and £6 per week for any time you wish to have it beyond that, plus a late fee to process a return or rehire. £6 for hire overdue by up to two weeks. £12 for hires overdue by two weeks or more. If you do not pay the fees of your own accord we will request payment via paypal.


The charges will be waived in the following circumstances: The hired item is returned to a sling library session within five days of the overdue date (the charge will NOT be waived if an overdue hired item is returned by other means.). If there has been a clerical error made by the sling library or the sling library has not yet processed a payment you have made and in exceptional circumstances.

Updated 11.5.23 with new charges.

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