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Cloth Nappies

Cloth nappies were added to the library in 2020 when the local group could no longer be run. We felt it was a natural addition to go with slings and having cloth bummed ourselves felt confident in taking this on. 

We have access to cloth nappy experts too so if there's something we don't know, we have the ability to find out! And that makes Rachael's nerdy self very happy. 

We are constantly updating our nappies in the library so that along with the ability to provide long term hire and more budget friendly kits we also have access to the most up to date nappies on the market.

We have lots of different brands and types of reusable nappies in the library such as Tots Bots, Baba & Boo, Bambino Mio, Little Lamb and many many more!

Take a look at all our cloth nappy kits for hire here: Our Nappy Kits


What are Cloth Nappies?

Cloth nappies are nappies that are washed and reused multiple times as opposed to disposables which are used once then thrown away. 

We know that cloth nappies can seem daunting at first, but they don't need to be! We are confident we can find something that works for you and your family. 

Cloth nappies are not difficult, just different and essentially every reusable nappy is made up of these different parts: 


This is the outer waterproof layer, a wrap can be a separate part, or sewn together with another part of the nappy. 

Absorbent Part

This is the part that soaks up the liquid. It can be a full nappy shape, or inserts that are popped or stuffed into the nappy.


This is an extra absorbent part that is added to the nappy. It is usually used for very heavy wetters and overnight when the baby is sleeping through. 


This is the part that touches the baby's skin. It can be a part of the nappy, or an additional part that is placed in the nappy before baby's bum is put on it. They can be disposable or washable and are very useful when poo becomes more solid. 

Why Reusables?


We've done the maths and even with rising energy costs reusable nappies can still beat disposable nappies for overall cost. There are extra savings to be made as well, such as buying second hand, or selling them on after you've used them. WE can help you find the right nappy for your budget too.


There are a wide range of different styles and colours of reusable nappy to use from, so whatever you taste you can find one you like! They look so pretty on the line or on the bum too!


We've all seen the adverts for nappy that say they're poonami proof. Well reusable nappies can make the same claim! Anecdotally people find less leaks with reusable nappies (and any that happen are generally fixed with a bit of a tweak to how you fit the nappy!), plus many nappies now have a 'double gusset' an extra lip inside the nappy to help contain poop!



Reusable nappies are soft and breathable on your baby's bum. They keep moisture away using stay dry layers and when your little one gets a bit older they add extra padding for new walkers (and the inevitable falls!).


Studies have been done to show the effect on reusable nappies and disposable nappies have on the environment and reusable nappies win hands down. Even just the amount of water used to make a dispoable exceeds the amount needed to wash reusable nappies! But if you're sceptical about these claims then reducing the amount that goes to rapidly filling landfill can't be disputed.

Skin Friendly:

With reusable nappies you can choose what materials are against your baby's skin, and you choose what detergent you use. You're in control. 

Toilet Training:

There is an argument to be made that because the moisture is drawn away a little less quickly with a reusable nappy it helps your baby to know when they've done a wee which in turn can help them when they come to toilet training.

Types of Nappies

There are a lot of different types of nappies but fundamentally they fall into four categories...... 

All in One Nappies:

An All In One nappy is the closest to a disposable as it goes straight on with no inserts or covers required. The downsides are that they can be very slow to dry.


All in Two Nappies:

An All In Two nappy has a waterproof outer, then an absorbent pad that poppers into place. Some companies, such as Bear Bott offer pads made in a variety of different fabrics.


Pocket Nappies:

Pocket nappies are a waterproof cover with a stay dry layer. An absorbent pad is then inserted into the pocket between the waterproof and stay dry layers.


Fitted Nappies and Wraps:

This is an absorbent nappy that is shaped like a disposable, it then needs a waterproof cover/wrap over the top.

Prefold Nappies and Wraps:

A prefold is a flat piece of material that can be folded a variety of ways and then used inside a waterpoof cover/wrap. We recommend starting by folding the prefold into thirds, in the opposite direction to the lines, and then placing into the waterproof cover like a pad.

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