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About Supportive Sloths

Our sling library has been running for over ten years. We cover the North West of England, mainly Wigan, Warrington and St Helens but also all the areas in between. We added cloth nappies in 2020 as the local group could no longer be run and it was a great fit for us. We have qualified babywearing consultants, trained peer supporters and volunteers. 


Get to Know Us

Sling consultant wearing a baby in a woven wrap


Rachael Cunliffe

Babywearing Consultant

Our sling library started back in 2009 when Rachael (The "Almighty Sling Goddess" as she was nicknamed by one happy customer) ended up agreeing to run a sling meet in Warrington. 

It was one untrained organiser supported by experienced baby wearers and it sparked Rachael's amazing 'nerdiness' and she went on to complete her Consultant training with Trageschule in 2011 and a little while later added Advanced Training with Trageschule too! 

The meet grew and after a time there were slings that people could hire out, thanks to Rachael funding it so it wasn't just a place to take your own carrier for advice. These days we have over 200 slings and carriers in the library for you to try and Rachael is still as nerdy about them all as she was back then! Rachael is the most experienced consultant we have in the library, there's very few things she hasn't already seen multiple times and that is what earned her the title Almighty Sling Goddess!


Adele Pye

Babywearing Consultant

Adele joined the library in 2015, she'd had a consultation with Rachael when her first born daughter was six months (2013) and eventually realised that her daughter wasn't broken. She was high needs and didn't sleep, she was just Addison! Even now she's kept her fierceness....... So after attending a few sling meets with her son Adele volunteered as an admin assistant but soon upgraded to peer supporter after completing her training with Born to Carry in 2018 and then her consultant training with Slingababy in 2019.

Adele is most well known among library visitors for being enthusastic about tiny babies. But she also has a magic touch that can get babies from crying to sleeping in minutes, leaving hands free for parents to practice with demo dolls as Adele expertly guides them.

Adele adds a creative flair to the library that compliments Rachael's nerdiness, she's also very popular with people so can be found chatting to midwives and health visitors at local Maternity Voice Partnership meetings.

Sling Consultant has baby in woven wrap


Jess Morrissey

Babywearing Peer Supporter

In October 2022 Jess officially became a sloth, but she's been a part of the library for a long time! When her first born was just eight days old she arrived, waiting to try everything in the suitcase. Then she bought the very first thing she tried (and still loves it now, a close caboo!). As her little one got older she got her wish to work through the whole library and volunteered at the sessions with her second child. She even added peer supporter training in 2019 with Sling Smart When her third arrived mid way through the pandemic Jess tried cloth nappies, and her littest gained the role of Official Nappy Model. Jess loved spending time at the library, as a trained counsellor working in this field is her dream. Rachael and Adele quickly realised that Jess could help them reach more people and make the library even better so asked her to help them run it. Jess is only at a couple of library sessions as she sloths around her proper job (which pays the bills) but you're very likely to find her efficently and speedily replying to any messages you've got!

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