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Why Birth to Potty is Misleading.......

If you've ventured into the world of reusable nappies you will have almost certainly seen the phrase "birth to potty" used to describe some nappies. But that can be a little misleading! A better term (that some companies use) is "one size fits most", but equally that doesn't always give you a good idea of whether it will fit your baby!

We've found that many "birth to potty" nappies fit from around 10 weeks (or earlier if you baby has particularly chunky thighs) any earlier than that and the nappy can gape around the legs giving an exit for the things you'd rather keep contained!

Newborn nappy hire can be ideal for those first few weeks, and we include a birth to potty nappy in with your kit so you can test the waters as your baby grows. Newborn nappies often don't fit for very long, so they're ideal to hire and then once you've figured out the right brand and type for you (our Extensive Kit is very helpful for this) birth to potty size is the right one to buy.

All in all, if you've tried a reusable nappy on your newborn and experienced leaks don't panic, a change in the size of nappy might just solve all your problems! We're here to help and answer any questions you've got!

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