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When Can I Back Carry?

When can I start back carrying?

As a general rule of thumb the earliest you can start back carrying is when your baby is able to sit unaided. (Or when you're ready, whichever one comes last!)

There are some times when I would break that rules, if there was a reason we needed to, but that should be done after a conversation (and ideally some teaching) with us!

So, how do you learn?

Well at a library session we can give you a demonstration but you won't get a turn with your real child, this is for safety reasons as there's just too many distractions for all of us. We send you home with comprehensive instructions on how to tackle it yourself at home though!

If you'd like to have a consultant with you when you try with a real child for the first time we can do that, both Adele and I run consultations (mine are at my house in Newton-le-Willows, and Adele will come to you, pop us a message to arrange!), and that will get you feeling confident!

I also run ad hoc workshops (which is more of a group consultation really) from my house too, so if you've got a preferred day of the week just let me know and I'll check my diary!

It can be a bit nerve wracking at first but then it really doesn open up another whole new world for you and your little one!


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