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Two Wraps, One Post - Anna's Review

Originally posted 2015

So, this summer Anna went on holiday, and two fo the library's newest purchases went with her, she was under very strict instructions to use them thoroughly and then write a review. Anone who has spoken to Anna at our library sessions knows that Anna is VERY funny so this is both informative and entertaining to read!

- Rachael

Two wraps, one post So this summer, we were lucky enough to have my parents take us all on holiday, due to a reasonably sized lottery win. Obviously the first question for me was not "where are we going?", but "what wraps shall I bring?"- some call it an addiction, I call it dedication! Being a peer supporter and volunteer with the sling library, I get to have a good root around the suitcase of dreams (or doom, depending on what a state we have left it in after a meet!), and Rachael kindly let me bring the brand new muslin ring sling, which I in return offered to review. Just before I left, fluffy post arrived for the library from Oscha, including a linen blend wrap that needed some breaking in. OH GO ON THEN. I also brought a gauze wrap that I borrowed from a friend, and hubby's trusted mei tai, but for the purpose of this post, I will be reviewing the ring sling and the Oscha wrap. Wrapamore Muslin Ring Sling

This was the source of equal measures of cringing and giggling before I had even seen it, due to my phone's unfortunate autocorrecting- always proof read, people! First impressions of the sling: It is very plain. The sling itself is a creamy white, with silver rings. I was torn between appreciating the simpleness and the ability to match it with most outfits (making it suitable for summer weddings and parties), and itching to dye it all the colours of the rainbow! The sling felt nice to use- light yet grippy enough for a good sized ten month old. I would imagine it may not be the most suitable for wearing a toddler for any longer periods, but for a smaller squish and those postpartum aftersweats it would be hard to beat!

Ring slings have long been my nemesis, but I found this surprisingly easy to get comfortable- it spread well across my back and shoulder, and I was able to get the rings in a good corsage position, as opposed to digging into my neck or somewhere around my belly button like so many times before... The tail is on the longer side, making it suitable for a variety of sizes and heights, though I found myself wrapping it around the rings to stop myself from tripping over the tail! Axel seemed to enjoy his positioning on my hip as we could interact, yet he could still look around. This made our evening ferry ride a lot more pleasant- the thin material was an added bonus here, it was a very hot ride! All in all, I am quite impressed with the ring sling- even if I am not a complete convert, it did keep us nice and cool, and I found it as easy, if not easier, to get comfortable as any other ring sling I have tried.

Pros: Cool. Quick to get on and off. Neutral colour that'll suit most people and outfits.

Cons: More suited for younger children and shorter carrying sessions. Not as exciting as some other slings. Oscha Norse braids size 7, 40% cotton, 60% linen

First impression: ERMAGHERD. If pretty is your thing, this is one for you. Stunning jewel shades of red, blue and purple, with gradients of maroon and a muted turquoise, and an intricate braided pattern- this really is a beautiful wrap. When I picked it up from Rachael's it had been washed, so the initial cardboard feel of some new wraps, especially linen, had gone, but it was still pretty stiff. I started the breaking in project by putting it at the bottom of my suitcase with all my packing on top. It had its first outing on our second night on Gotland, for an evening walk that turned into a visit to a jousting tournament! We had managed to time our visit with the annual medieval week, so the braids fitted right in! It also showed itself to contain lots of sleepy dust, and Axel fell asleep to the soothing sound of knights, swords and 3000 people cheering!

The wrap is super supportive, something we discovered already back home, by wrapping the five year old! The ten month old was no match, he felt almost weightless in a double hammock. I was pleasantly surprised as to how cool it was as well, even in a double hammock or front wrap cross carry, both Axel and I stayed nice and cool. I did find it a little bit tricky to tighten when I was wearing a sleeveless top- the stiffness of the still new wrap meant it rubbed a little bit. Some more breaking in will alleviate that though. What made this wrap extra special was that the husband finally attempted to wrap- with really rather good results! He left the mei tai in the car, that my dad then took on a trip to the supermarket, so he went and got the Norse Braids and asked me to show him how to do it. I may not have managed to completely convert him to the wonderful world of wraps, but both him and Axel were happy and comfortable. As for size, this is on the longer side for me. My so called base size is a 5, so with a 7 I had to do a double hammock instead of my usual ruck for back carries, to avoid too long tails around my feet (I am notoriously clumsy!). For someone taller than me, or a bigger size, it would be a great fit. The husband is 5'10" (on a good day...), and he found it a good size. I will be sad to see this wrap go, but I know that with a little bit more abu, ahem, I mean, breaking in, it will be a really good addition to the library. I don't think Rachael will see much of it, except on hire agreements!

Pros: Stunning. Really supportive. Stayed cool, even at 25 degrees and sunshine. Cons: Smaller/shorter people may find a size 7 on the long side. Linen takes a little bit of work to get soft (though it is worth it in the long run!) Whilst it may seem my love for the Oscha is greater than that for the ring sling, I must say I am very glad I took them both, as I found they complemented each other well. No matter what your Babywearing preferences are, different slings are suited for different things (rhyme unintended). Even if you have your workhorse (or, like me, workhorses), I would definitely recommend trying some other types of slings as well- you may find one to fill a gap in your stash! Scared of committing to buying a sling? Well, that is where the sling library comes in so very handy! Pop in to your nearest sling meet, and Rachael or one of us peer supporters will try and help you find your near perfect fit!

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