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Prefold Nappies

Why I think prefolds should be higher on your list of nappies to try.

Prefold nappies are a flat piece of fabric with the middle third being thicker and more absorbent. They are folded and then inserted into the wrap, we recommend adding a fleece liner on the top and then they're good to go!

They're quick to dry as they're essentially a flat nappy!

There's a variety of ways to fold them, but the starter way (into thirds in the oppsite direction of the lines) is very very simple!

The problems prefold nappies had fifteen years ago (the nappy moving around in the wrap) are no longer an issue as places like tjs make nappy wraps with two lips on them to keep the nappy where it needs to be!

And lastly, but most importantly, they're super cheap! You can buy a full kit of prefold nappies (from Muslinz) and wraps (from Tjs) for around £150! Even less if you look second hand or go to the sales.

We've got prefold nappies in all of our kits so when you hire a kit give them a go!

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