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My Favourite Babywearing Photo

Today I thought I'd share my favourite babywearing photo of me, and why it's my favourite. This photo is from a little later on in my babywearing journey. At the beginning it was all confusion and pnd and crying (her and me) and slings gave us a way to start bonding. But in this photo I'm now parenting a toddler and we're less about wearing for bonding (although that's part of it) now babywearing is really good for the practicalities!

This photo was taken at the zoo, on my 30th* Birthday. We spent the day with a toddler incessantly yelling "MONKEY! MONKEY!" at us. She could see the monkeys (other animals are available) from her vantage point and was determined not to miss a second of them. A bit of milk in the sling and she finally succumbed to a much needed nap. So I sat and had a peaceful ice cream (and didn't readjust the carrier to do so, please don't be like me, always readjust! Although she was quite safe as I was sat down, and sleep was so very precious!). I love this photo, not for the aesthetics (because let's face facts that fringe was not a good idea, and yes, that back before I started dyeing my hair!) but for what it represents and how it fits in within my babywearing journey. Everyone wears for different reasons and those reasons can evolve and change too! - Rachael *Erm, yes, I count creatively given that 'some' years later I am now "27" just roll with it and for heavens sake don't question it!

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