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How to safely wear your low birth weight, or newborn baby in a sling or carrier.

Slings and carriers are amazing for tiny babies, whether they've arrived in the world early, or they're full term but still quite new.Carrying your baby is very soothing for them, plus they free up your hands for important things like eating and peeing! But it can be scary to use a sling/carrier with this tiny floppy infant so here are some helpful tips. The first one is the most important. 1. Speak to the professionals. If your baby was early, is very little, has medical problems or you’re just nervous, speak to a hcp to ask if there’s any medical reason not to carry them in a sling or carrier. Then, once you’ve got the go ahead from them, come to us, the babywearing professionals. There really is no substitution for seeing us face to face (although if that’s not possible, sending us an email or message is the next best thing!), we’ll guide you through and make sure that you leave feeling confident! 2. Always carry your baby upright. It is much easier to keep that tiny airway nice and clear by carrying your baby upright in the carrier. If you’re unsure, just ask us! 3. Keep the baby’s face free of fabric. The baby in our photo has the back of their head covered to help keep it stable while they’re asleep, and while the fabric is near their face, it is clear and uncovered. If you’re not sure, ask us, it’s why we offer free advice! 4. Ensure the baby’s head is upright, you should be able to get an adult’s thumb between the baby’s chin and their chest. If the baby makes any unusual noises (such as grunting or snoring), especially while sleeping, it’s worth taking the carrier off and putting it on back on again to help check for a nice clear airway. If this keeps happening, or you’re unsure, get in touch!

5. Follow T.I.C.K.S. The carrier should be Tight; the baby should be In view at all times; they should be Close enough to kiss (so their head is on the flat of your chest so you can lean down to kiss the top of their head); Keep their chin off their chest; and Support their back.

Above all, contact us if you have any concerns, or want to check anything! Rachael, Adele and Jess

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