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How to be a Good Parent.

How to be a good parent. In this step by step guide I will talk you through exactly how to objectively be a good parent. This guide will satify all viewers and all parenting styles. It is the absolute definitive guide to parenting and is only available here. Some might say this is the answer to all your problems and they'd be right, so keep reading as I make everything easier for you!

Step 1: Love your kids and try your best. Step 2: Done. Yeah, see, that really is as much as I can tell you, because it's absolutely the truth. There are a million ways to be a good parent but all of them stem from just trying to be one! And that is going to look very different for everyone because every parent and every child is different. So adapt as you go and try different things and keep in mind what is the right thing for your family. We're never going to judge you at the library not least because all three of us parent differently to each other (because it turns out we've all got different kids!) so don't worry about coming along to try slings, carrier or reusable nappies as we've seen and supported all different ways of parenting! Rachael P.S. If you drop crumbs or any other food on your child do clean it off (either by eating ir or gently brushing/wiping it off...)

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