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Babywearing Challenges Resolved

You might feel that if you have a babywearing question then popping onto the internet and hitting google or forums will give you all the information you need.

Well, it is possible, and it is also really good starting point. But, generally people leaping onto google find themselves overwhelmed pretty quickly (because there are a approximately a billion slings ansd carriers on the market).

Best buy lists can be useful but often don't inclue the smaller brands which might be perfect for you, and cheaper too!

And forums can be full of people who recommend the one they like, and in 13 years of teaching I've had one single person who liked exactly what I like (and it was brilliant for both of us!).

We offer free advice intentionally so that you can just pop us questions and we'll answer them. You know you're getting good quality advice, and the advice we give is safe and up to date (after all I am one of the most experienced babywearing consultants in the country!), and like a google or forum search it doesn't cost you anything (we just might not be as fast!).

So pop along to the library or send us a message and let us get you sorted!


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