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Babywearing and communication skills

Fun babywearing fact time! Did you know that carrying your baby in a sling or carrier can help them develop their language skills?

Cool isn't it! And you don't even need to do anything extra!

As your baby is close to your face they can see your mouth, lips and tongue, and how you use them to form words. You may also find yourself naturally talking to

them more when they're closer to you, which in turn can help them figure out how sentences are structured

Replying to adorable (but nonsensical) toddler babble like they're having an entirely normal conversation with you, can help them understand how conversations

work. Being close to you and being right in the action of you having conversations with others also does the same thing!

Children will also still develop at different rates, and always at the rate that is right for them, this is just a cool little 'added extra' for babywearing. If you want

more ways to help your child communicate Therese at TinyTalk Warrington has some amazing classes (right from newborn!). And if you have concerns about an

older child's communication speak to your health visitor as they'll be able to set your mind at ease.

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