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A BellsBums Hack...

BellsBums make the most beautiful bamboo flats. They are 50cmx50cm with the signature rainbow stitching. They can be used to fold up inside a wrap, like a prefold or trifold or can be used to make a nappy like a terry square. I find they are less bulky than a full on terry towel square, and with a boost from a BellsBumz insert are just as absorbent. BUT to my dismay I found that my nappy nippas would not grip the lovely soft material very well. I wasnt able to make a securely fastened nappy with my beautiful bamboo flats. Someone else on a Facebook nappy group also had this same complaint and luckily someone provided a hack So now... i make up my nappy, BellsBums bamboo flat with a BellsBums insert and a fleecy liner (gaynor fold used in pic) then lay it on top of a muslin square that has been folded in to a triangle. Close up my nappy as usual, then fold over the muslin and bring up through the crotch and apply the nappy nippa. Still not as bulky as a terry towel, extra layer of absorbancy and securely fastened with my nappy nippa. Fantastic hack gained. ONM ran out of patience before i could photograph the neater finished nappy and then with the additional nappy wrap

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