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3 Top Tips for Starting with Cloth Nappies

Three top tips for starting cloth nappies

1. Be Flexible

It's very easy to get overwhelmed when starting a new thing, or to have your heart set on a particular way of doing it. With cloth nappies I'd definitely say, keep an open mind and don't put pressure on yourself! We've found that lots of people visiting the library end up liking different nappies to the ones they expected to like, and most people need a couple of weeks to get the hang of using them too! We're here to answer all the questions you need too! 2. Routine

Once you get settled into a routine there's little extra work with reusable nappies than with disposables. Clothes airers can be really useful for drying (especially if you can tuck them out of the way) and cloth nappies look very pretty on a shelf. Some people like to make up nappies as they go, or just for each day, others (like me) put the nappies together once they're washed and dried. You'll find the best way that works for you, just give yourself the time and space to find out what that is! 3. Hire Nappies I mean, it's probably an obvious one given who it's coming from but it's definitely something to consider! All our nappies get washed and sanitised after each hire so they're clean and ready for you to take. Our kits have been put together to show you the wide variety of types and prices of nappy available. It can help you find the perfect ones to put your hard earned money on! We've also got long term kits available too! It's low cost to hire and can really save you money in the long run!

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