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The Fourth Trimester

The Fourth Trimeste!r It is a thing! Those first few months out of the womb can be quite a lot, for both the baby and the parents!

Do you find your baby just wants to be in your arms all the time? Totally normal! Do you find that your baby is basically nocturnal? Totally normal, they haven't figure out what day and night are yet! Do you find that your baby seems to feed a lot? Totally normal, although that can also indicate the sort of thing an infant feeding specialist should know about to do check that one with them! Do you find that you baby yells blue murder if anyone else holds them? Totally normal! Or that the only time they're not yelling blue murder is when someone else is holding them? Also quite normal, other people are sometimes more relaxed than you because they know they can give the baby back, which in turn can work magic on a fractious baby! It's not you, it's a design flaw in nature. Do you find your baby's cries almost painful, and you HAVE to pick them up the moment it happens? Again, completely normal! Pick the baby up, it's all good! All these things naturally ease off as the baby grows (and then they somtimes ease back into them again briefly just to keep you on your toes), so don't panic, go with the flow, follow your insticts, pick up your baby, hold your baby, take them back off well meaning people if you want/need to and remind yourself, this is not forever! You're not doing anything wrong and your baby isn't broken (although always always get any worries checked out with a medical professional) and they will eventually become a teenager who sleeps all day and can make their own toast! Rachael This photo is from the spectacular Joy And Joe Baby and was sent in to them by one of their customers! It's their bamboo stretchy wrap and we love those wraps, they will be in the library as soon as we've got the money!

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